Summaries on Kim Dae Jung, Kim Young Sam, & Roh Mu Hyun

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29 Nov 2010
< Kim Young Sam and Korea[s Socio-Political Scene >
¾ Roh Tae Woo
o Succeeded Chun Doo Hwan as the 13th President of Republic of Korea
o Formed the 6th Republic (1988~1993)
o Hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics
o First President to be elected by popular vote
Prior to Roh, Presidents were elected through NCU (National Council for Unification) since
Yushin constitution
¾ 6th Republic
^transitory democracy_; post-democratization era
Unleashed 30 years of military totalitarianism
Achieved international relations (particularly with socialist countries)
^less war-like and more peaceful_
o 1st Republic t Rhee Syng Man(1st ~3rd President)
o 2nd Republic t Yun Po Sun(4th President)
o 3rd Republic ~ 4th Republic t Park Chung Hee(5th~9th President)
o Choi Kyu Ha (10th President)
o 5th Republic t Chun Doo Hwan(11th~12th President)
¾ Roh[s Dilemma
o Low popularity
Votes widely divided
x Roh only 36%
x 3 Kim[s t (YS: 27%, DJ:26%, JP:8%)
o Influenced by Regionalism
Park t Chun t Roh Æ Kyungsang Province
Kim DJ Æ Jeolla Province
Image as Chun[s successor
¾ Nordpolitik
o Roh[s Northern Policy (part of Unification policy)
o Idea came from Billy Brandt[s East Policy
o ^opening the Korean society to the Communist bloc_
Make diplomatic treaties with Hungary, Russia, and China
x Hungary t 1989
x Russia t 1990
o Met Head of USSR (then, Mikhail Gorbachev) and US President (then, George
Bush Sr.) at San Francisco in 1990 Æ enhanced Korea[s international reputation
x China t 1992
o Objective: persuade North Korean government to recognize South Korea as a legitimate government
¾ Restoration of Democratic Rule
o Roh[s catch phrase Æ but Roh[s government was neither au authoritarian nor a fully democratic
government, but a transitory democratic
o Eight Point Program (June 29th, 1987) Æ provided democratic drive and new political climate for
dialogue and compromise
Direct Presidential election system
Restoration of civil rights to all black-listed political leaders
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