ECO220Y1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Analysis Of Variance, Inkjet Printing, Financial Analyst

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30 Jun 2014
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ECO220Y1 Full Course Notes
ECO220Y1 Full Course Notes
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Ecmb12s-l30 and l60 quantitative methods in economics ii. Calculator and two aid sheets (four 8. 5 x11 pages) prepared by student. Notes: this exam consists of 22 questions in 13 pages including this cover page. It is the student"s responsibility to hand in all pages of this exam. Any missing page will get zero mark: statistical tables are provided separately. Defer exam (circle your instructor"s name from below) Solution: show your work in each question in part ii, this exam is worth 40% of your course grade. Do not write on the space below, for markers only. If there are more than one correct answer, circle the best one. =0. 14 level of significance where p is the probability of getting a yes vote in a population. If the sample size is 200, the smallest number of yes votes that will cause to be rejected is closest to (a) 85. :1 (e) 102 (b) 90 (c) 94 at the.