ECO320H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Contributory Negligence, Liability Insurance, Comparative Negligence

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8 Dec 2014

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All questions must be answered on this test paper in the space provided, using the back page to finish an answer if needed. Please write your name and last five digits of your student number above. Do not turn over the paper until you are told to start the test. Mark allocation in red, along with some marking guidance. Limited understanding of concepts, limited application to facts or question. Poor understanding of concepts, answer not well suited to question. Understands most concepts, partial application to facts or question. Fair understanding of concepts, fair application to facts or question. Understands concepts, can work with them, can apply them to facts, question. Considerable confusion, limited to no understanding of relevant concepts. Answer 8 out of 10 questions in the space provided. Each question is worth 12. 5 marks: explain how a rule of comparative negligence allocates losses between the injurer and victim.