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eco321 exam review questions

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Abraham Rotstein

Compare and conclusions of E E Rich on the early fur trade in Canada with those of Harold InnisOn what particular staple did the early economic history of Ontario depend between 18001850 Describe some of the economic consequencesWhat brought about the end of Mercantilism in Canada How did Canada react to these eventsDiscuss the elements of economic failure and success in New FranceHow did he cod fisheries impact the early history of NewfoundlandWhat is the difference between a revenue tariff and protective tariff Refer in your answer to one or two concrete illustrations Are there any advantages in studying Canadian economic history for understanding current Canadian politics2005 June testHarold Innis was searching for a new economics to apply to countries recently settled by Europeans Do you think that he achieved his objectives ExplainoStaple oCod fisho3 factorso3 cornered tradeCanadas proximity to the United States posed a continuing dilemma for its economic development Outline the views of Prof HGJ Altken on this matter and indicate whether you agree or disagree with himFollowing Prof E E Rich what background conditions in the fur trade accounted for the absence of the price mechanism in the trade Of what importance is the timber trade in Canadian economic history ExplainoTimberoSettlement
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