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ECO100 - NOV 26 Test Review

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University of Toronto St. George
James Pesando

Puzzle. Car produced (Chrysler) in Windsor, Ontario sells for lower price in U.S than in Canada. Why is that? ● Why? ● 1. There must be difference in costs (import duties, paperwork, etc)? - NO ● => There are differences in elasticities of demand. ○ In Canada, import duties are higher, so fewer substitutes and lower price elasticity of demand. ● Explanation: it nothing more than price discrimination (tool to increase profits) Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition ● All three firms faces downward-sloping demand curves ○ Perfect competition is an exception ● 1) If face a downward-sloping demand curve, have some degree of market power (ability to raise price without losing all clients) ○ Perfectly competitive firm cannot raise price ● 2) Since they have market power, they may try to price discriminate. Is price discrimination “bad”? ● Perfect price discrimination: Monopolist charges each consumer the maximum price the consumer is willing to pay ○ 1. Each customer pays their “reservation price” ■ maximum price he/she is willing to pay ○ 2. Is allocatively efficient if the monopolist is able to perfectly price discriminate ● Example: Used car salesman ○ A successful used car salesman Insight: If monopolist can perfectly price discriminate ● 1) Monopolist does not have to lower price on all previous units to sell an additional unit. ● 2) DD curve becomes the monopolist’s MR curve (since MR = P) ● 3) To maximize profits, monopolist will produce where P(=MR)= MC. ● 4) Same output as in perfect competition ● 5) Allocatively efficient ● Consumer surplus: decreases to zero ● Producer surplus: increases by: consumer surplus + deadweight loss ● Economicst article:[caveat] ○ Price customization software: trying to achieve perfect price discrimination Assignment: The
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