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Iris Wu

ECMB11H3 Quantitative Methods in Economics I Sections L30L60 Fall 2010 Department of Management University of Toronto at Scarborough Dr Yu Final ExaminationDate Saturday December 11 2010Time allowedTwo 2 hoursAids allowedCalculator and two aid sheets four 85x11 pagesNotesThis exam consists of 22 questions in 11 pages including this cover pageIt is the students responsibility to hand in a complete testAny missing page will get a zero markStatistical tables Z t Binomial Poisson are provided separatelyShow your work in part 2No marks will be given if you do not show your workThis exam is worth 40 of your course gradePrint Last Name SolutionGiven NameStudent NumberSection circle one L30 Wednesday evening L60 online Defer ExamPage QuestionMaxMark 26 118 547 19 88 20 109 21 131011 22 15 Total 100 1 Part 1 Multiple Choice 3 marks for each question Circle the BEST answer No part marks22xxf for 43210xWhich one of the 1 Consider the function10following statements is true aIt can be a probability distribution of a discrete random variable X b It can be a probability distribution of a continuous randomvariable X c It cannot be a probability distribution of a random variable X d It is only a function of x and it cannot be a probabilitydistributione None of the above statements is true2 A multiplechoice test consists of 7 questions with 5 choices each If a student guesses on all questions the probability that the student answers exactly 3 questions correctly is 432525777232141 bc a 5533553352543772141 ed 335553 3 Random samples of size 36 are selected from a large population with mean 30 and standard deviation 12The standard deviation of the sample mean is equal to b 2c 12d 30 e none of these a 1 4 The weight of the concrete barriers produced in a certain factory has a mean of 500 pounds and standard deviation of 20 poundsThe probability that a random sample of 100 barriers will have a mean weight less than 496 pounds is closest to a 00228 b 01352 c 02312 d 03125 e 04207500496XSolution 022802496ZPPXP 10020n 2
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