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Masoud Anjomshoa

Assignment 2 6 In 2001 Statistic Canada switched to a new approach of calculating growth rate of real GDP called ChainWeight real GDP instead of traditional FixedWeight methodApple OrangeYear Quantity PriceQuantity Price1992100 02550 05 1993102 02855 048 1994103 03260 045 1995104 03465 044 1996105 03670 042 Calculate following GDP growth rates for the different base years by the traditional method and also by chainweight methodIn traditional method when the base year changes do the growth rates for all years change How How about it in the chained method19921993199419951996 ChainBase BaseBase BaseBase method19921993growth rate 19951996growth rate7Fill out the marked spacesa Real GDP 2234 Nominal GDP 2687GDP Deflator b Real GDP 3260 Nominal GDP GDP Deflator 120 c Real GDPNominal GDP 1983GDP Deflator 89 d Real GDP 4500 Nominal GDP 4589GDP Deflatore Real GDP 9564 Nominal GDPGDP Deflator 100 f Real GDPNominal GDP 4607 GDP Deflator 135
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