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ECMB12H3S L01 L30 L60 Quantitative Methods in Economics II Final ExaminationMonday April 23 2012 24 pm Instructor Victor YuLast Name Print SolutionFirst Name PrintStudent NumberCircle your sectionL01 Tuesday12 L30 Wednesday7 L60 OnlineDeferred ExamAids allowedCalculator and two aid sheets four 85x11 pageswritten or typed on both sidesTime allowed Two 2 hoursThis exam consists of 22 questions in 15 pages including this cover pageIt is the students responsibility to hand in a complete examAny missing page will get a zero mark 2 Statistical table Standard Normal tand Fare provided separatelyShow your work in part 2No marks will be given if you do not show your workThis exam is worth 40 of your course grade Do not write on the space below for markers only Page Question Max Mark 27 118 548 19 5910 20ab 911 21ab 101213 22abc 101415 23abcd 12 Total 100 1 Part 1Multiple Choice 3 marks each no part marks51 marks in total1 The following hypothesis test about a population meanis conducted at a significance level of 5 150H0150H1 Suppose we know the population standard deviation is 72The sample size is 169For approximately what true values ofis the probability of a type II error between 20 and 30a between 160 and 164b between 158 and 160 c between 162 and 164d between 164 and 166e between 165 and 167 150XSolutionrejectwhenieH64510506451Z01697272111596451150X169falseHwhenHacceptPerrorIItypeP01115915011159whenXP150whenZP169727211159 At and 16376 8401115984020169169727211159 At and 16199 520111595203016916972 2 A recent survey asked 1308 Canadians whom they planned to vote for in the next federal electionFrom this data a confidence interval for the proportion of Canadians who plan to vote for the Liberal party is obtained as The 030320confidence level for this interval is closest toa 90 b 925 c 95d 98 e 99 680320030ZSolution332Z010320p2221308 2
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