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University of Toronto St. George
Victor Yu

ECMB12S Section L30 and L60 Quantitative Methods in Economics II Division of Management University of Toronto at Scarborough January 2010May 2010 Dr Yu Test 2Date Saturday March 20 2010Time allowedTwo 2 hoursAids allowed Calculator and one aid sheet two 85x11 pages prepared by studentNotesThis test consists of 22 questions in 14 pages including this cover pageIt is the students responsibility to hand in all pages of this testAny missing page will get zero markStatistical tables are provided separatelyDo not hand in the tablesOnly hand in your test papersShow your work in each question in Part IIThis test is worth 30 of your course gradePrint Last Name SolutionGiven Names Student Number Circle your SectionL30 Wednesday at 7 pmL60 OnlineDo not write on the space below for markers only Page Question Max Marks 29 118 5410 19 1011 20ab 111213 21abcd 1514 22abc 10Total 1001 Part IMultiple Choice3 points in each question No part mark Circle only one answer If there are more than one correct answer circle the best one1 Suppose you correctly obtain the following confidence interval estimator for the difference in two population means LCL12 UCL34What must the point estimate of the difference in two population means bea 0 b 23 c 34d 46e none of these 4321Solution32X2 2 Suppose you have 30 observations and you estimate a linear regression line At a significance level of 001 001 which of the following is the appropriate rejection region for a test of the statistical significance of the slope of the regression line a t2763 or 2763tb t2457 or 2457tc z2575 or 2575zd z196 or 196ze None of the aboveSolution Refer to the ttable with 28 degrees of freedom7632t00503 Letandbe two independent random samples from the same XXXYYY1002110021population with mean 50 and standard deviation 40Letandbe the sample means XYrespectivelyThe probabilityis closest to 5YXP a 005 b 0075 c 01d 015e 019Solution Since the sample size is largeis approximately normal with mean 50 and standard X40deviation Similarlyis approximately normal with mean 50 and standard 4Y10040deviationandare independent thereforeis approximately 4XYYX10022normal with mean 0 and standard deviation24440518940883905YXPZPZP242
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