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Instead of comparing to a quiet nun, eliot compares a sunset to a patient. In common between both poems: uses similes relevant to their time, basis of comparison is the same: quiet/still. Discovery of ether (marker of modern age) occurred around the time of the poem. Nun is quiet by choice, patient has been etherized by someone else, not a choice. In a natural cycle the sun sets, in eliot"s poem the sun has been extinguished. Text: mallory ortberg texts from j. alfred prufrock (2013) 3rd line doesn"t rhyme to make it stand out. Departure from rhyme instead of abandonment of it completely to mix up expectations and draw attention. There is no freedom in art - eliot. There is only freedom when there is restrain. Pop music has replaced poetry with rhyming lyrics. Only a small portion of the poem is in free verse.

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