ENG215H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 24 pages long!)

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Pg 51: unintentionally reveal, to be disloyal. In spite of his flaws, she loved him. She has different feels at diff times of day: walter is described as lazy and unsuccessful on one hand. Pg 52 often pg 53 enthusiastic response ever: walt says (cid:498)im poor, don"t expect too much(cid:499) it"s like he kinda warns liz beforehand that he"s not gonna be a good husband. Pg 57 pg 58 pg 59: objectified her, compared her to irene. Struggle and alienation are recurring themes: martha and john desire to stick with the land, this illustrates their wanting to persevere through hardships, personification occurs when an inanimate object has life/human attributes. John works too hard, cares about his wheat so much. She did not dream, her mind is blank. Pg 98: the wheat is personified, illustrated like a real being, the crop was so important to her because it signified a new start.