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ENG220Y1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Gunpowder Plot, Psychomachia, Banquo

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Elizabeth Harvey
Study Guide

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Term Test
Nov 23 in class -> 2 hrs
covers all fall term reading + Act 1 Henry 4.1
part 1: short answer, multiple choice, T/F (factual info from lectures and reading) i.e.
definitions of literary terms, rhetorical figures, historical information, textual information
part 2: passage id and commentary (character+play id, passage analysis) -> no obvious
markers like names...
And in my heart the strong and swelling evil of my conception... tis not the devil’s crest
-> Angelo, Measure for Measure, “habit” repetitious activity and words forming
character, “conception” and pregnancy, engender living being within self or other,
hidden, inside vs outside, secret until gradually reveal, manifests self to world...
part 3: essay question (1 out of 2 questions)
1. compare and contrast the representation of rape in Titus Andronicus and Rape of
tragedy: serious and important actions that end disastrously for hero/central
first performance: 1606?
Text: based on first folio, 1623
source: Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland 1587
1603: death of Elizabeth I
James I rise to throne (son of Mary Queen of Scots (executed) and Henry Stewart,
Earl of Darnley (assassinated))
gunpowder plot 1605: conspiracy to blow up James I by placing barrels of gunpowder
underneath parliament buildings
conspirators captured and executed for treason (hanged, drawn and quartered)
Guy Fawkes
Father Henry Garnet (head of Jesuits in England) thought to have foreknowledge
of plot... equivocation (between lie and truth, logic) <- historical reference in
Macbeth and language
ambiguous sexuality, use of herbs, ritualistic practices, targeted as different
1.1 desert place, witches opening
body and soul communication
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