Final Exam Review

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6 Apr 2011
1/1 Eng250 april6 (#1)2011-04-06 16:36:29
Eng250 april6
Exam -detail and specificity
At least 4 texts
First section ... Id passage
Second section.... Essay of texts from whole year
Literary form and content
Broad concepts, connections...
Lost ladies.... Pochahontas, lily bart, hester prynne, lilian forrester, martha, women in diazs
book...sexually damaged, raped, loss... Central loss of innocence, story of eden mapped on new world
Barack obamas original sin
Snakes in garden, sexual or physical or social fall
Neils fall from tree and fall from sexual innocence
Dream ... Idea of pasotral landscape
Already lost land.. Goodbye columbus, hester returning to massachussets, marginal figure moving and lost
is ironically representative, cement, ultimately unionized
Progress of linear movement to something more perfect,,, loss and potenitality connected
Immigrant narrative
Freeeeeeeedomm in american context, liberalism
Need form to make sense... Grammatical, linguistic, social form
Blur fiction and reality... Autobiography, constructing representative and national america
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