ENG280H1 : plato and nussbaum cont

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04:50 autonomous, it doesn"t have a relationship with something outside of it. The meaning of a literary text is fixed and stable; therefore, we can decode a text by objectively analyzing its constitutive elements. Formalists tend to be very rigorous, analytical, and systematic. Generic conventions allusions, images, rhythm, structure, figures of speech, tone, movement, dialogue, lighting, mise en scene, characterization, setting, themes, etc. that are peculiar to the genre. Rhetorical devices: ambiguities and ironies, litotes and understatements, catachreses, etc. by which the text expresses or withholds meaning. Extraneous matter: formalists do not read literature as a communicative apparatus to anything outside of the literature or in the real world. Reader affective fallacy or belief that the reader can determine what the text means by analyzing the emotional, intellectual, and physical reactions it has aroused in him/her. Context undecidable cannot determine the context of a literary work of art.

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