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eng 275 midterm 2 test guide

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Karen Weisman

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ENG 275 DEC TEST GUIDE 1252011 122200 AMBasic themes y Jewish continuity and authenticity also ex in Brides groom y Culture interaction between generations y Jewish continuity and assimilation y AcculturationEx in the text The imported Bride groom as a caricature of pervasive anxiety among Jewish community members in AmericaShown in different versions in Yekyll and RothThe anxiety of standing out as a Jew and maintaining ones Jewish identity The anxieties of the consequences of the secular Americanizedworld of learning that constitutes a slippery slope into nonpious practices y reverted from Conventional narrative would have the Jew who goes to America in search of new opportunity after a few years brings the wife and child over and starts fresh with hopefully with new economic success y self fashioning and self identity and authenticity comes up in these stories y instead in The imported Bridegroom Asriel is desiring to return to his former self by returning to the former site of his former culture y Asriels nostalgia is shallow selfish and extreme y Wants to be more authentic returning to the genuine culture y The climax of the changed Shaya reflects the relationship between Eastern Europe and authenticity and about the anxieties of religion and temptations of America y This story is an extreme representation of them A huge caricature of those temptations y slippery slope too much of secular learning and nonkosher food just as Asriels foolishly extreme nostalgia of too high expectation of authentic culture and longing y Is Jewish practice even that readily available Just by going back
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