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Nick Mount

Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe Eng 140Y1- Professor Nick Mount Date: October 28, 2011 Okonkwo is in an African Village. He has three wives. He beats one of them during the peace week. He’s given a boy to take care of. He takes care of him so much. He loves him. He has to kill him. Accidentally he kills the man’s son (they man they’re burying). He’s in exile for seven years. White Christian missionaries come over and convert his son. Okonkwo hangs himself. Why is this on our syllabus? Achebe is the founding father of African Literature and Post- Colonial literature. He’s not the first for either categories written above. India etc. Had many novels before that but he wrote the first novel to offer a blueprint for literature of resistance. It is historically unavoidable. Things are falling apart agin  colonial power and a man who kills himself because he can’t understand it. The Epigraph is from Yeats’ “Second Coming” A place that’s foreign to all of us. We never killed a child, exiled twin babies or had a polygamous marriage. Originally he had no glossary, he wanted us to figure it out. If one looks carefully each word in his dialect is followed by the word “or” where the author gives us a definition. Achebe grew up Christian. Hume- there was never a civi
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