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Nick Mount

Lolita by Vladimir NabokovPart I ENG 140Y1 Professor Nick Mount thDate November 4 2011 Style separates art from communication Some styles are utterly distinctive Nabokov is one of them Many have tried to imitate but nobody came close Page10 he writes about his mother in one line Thats all for mom English was not Nabokovs first language He fell in love with wordslanguage Things regular English speaking people would take for granted or overusage of them Nabokov learned to love and appreciate Pg 129 Pg 270 He loved Lolita Nabokov loved narrative frames A story within a story almost He was very rich born rich in Russia his parents owned a massive house They had to leave it and Nabokov never returned even when he could He attended Trinity College at Cambridge University Within time Lolita the character became more famous than the novel Lolita is known as a term for little promiscuous nymph girl even by people who have never read the book This spread into a fashion example in Japan girls are going for the Lolita look He wrote a novella called The Enchanter as a preLolita He thought he had burned itlost it but he found it after Lolita was published He asked his wife to burn it she didnt She asked their son to do it he did not And quite recently they published the Enchanter Humbert represents Old Europe deflowering young America Pg 148 Pg152 hes describing the landscape but its actually euphemism for Lolita Beyond the tilled plain beyond the toy roofs there would be a slow suffusion of inutile loveliness a low sun in a platinum haze with a warm peeled peach tinge pervadingamorous mistTilled actually is from Arabic meaning literallypenetration Hazeremember Lolitas last name is Haze
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