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Final Exam Review - Definitions

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University of Toronto St. George
Nick Mount

ENG140Y1Y APRIL 2012 EXAM REVIEW PART I: DEFINITIONS Term Definition Example Allegory a narrative in which the agents and actions are In Lolita, Humbert Humbert’s abuse contrived by the author to make coherent of Lolita may be an allegory for the sense on a literal level and at the same time to exploitation of America by Europe. signify a second correlation of signification Allusion a casual reference in literature to a person, Ophelia’s final words in Hamlet are place, event, or another passage of literature, alluded to Eliot’s The Waste Land, in often without explicit identification the line: “Good night, ladies, good night, sweet ladies, good night, good night.” Characterization the representation of persons in narrative and In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is dramatic works characterized as quick-tempered, stubborn, and proud. Comedy a ludicrous and amusing event or series of events designed to provide enjoyment and produce smiles or laughter usually written in a light, familiar, bantering, or satirical style; generally begins badly and ends well Discourse the way a story is told The discourse in Lullabies for Little Criminals is the fact that it is retrospective. Enjambment a technique in poetry whereby a sentence is carried over to the next line without pause Epic a long, narrative poem about a man on whom To The Lighthouse can be argued to depends the fate of a nation, or sometimes the have rewritten the traditional epic entire race (e.g. The Odyssey). Frame Narrative a technique whereby a story is enclosed within In Lolita, the story of Humbert another story Humbert is revealed through H.H.’s memoirs, introduced by Dr. John Ray. Free Verse poetry that does not have consistent rhyme or “Daddy” from Sylvia Plath’s Ariel is meter written in free verse. Genre recognized category of a literary work, marked The genre of Things Fall Apart is by shared features or conventions tragedy. Irony the recognition and exploitation of an inconsistency Lyric Poetry a short non-narrative poem in which a speaker “Morning Song” in Ariel captures the expresses a state of mind or a feeling; tries to moment of a child’s first words capture a particular moment Magic Realism a literary form in which seemingly realistic In Marquez’s “A Very Old Man With scenes are invaded by fantastic and Enormous Wings,” a fisherman supernatural events, which, however, are often discovers an old man with wings in treated as normal awhat would be a realistic village setting. ENG140Y1Y APRIL 2012 EXAM REVIEW Metaphor/Simile a comparison or analogy stated in such a way In Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the as to imply that one object is another one, fall of the Berlin Wall is a metaphor figuratively speaking; consists of a tenor for homelessness. referring to a vehicle Meter the pattern of measured sound units occurring more or less regularly in lines of verse Metonymy using a physical object to embody a more The mitten in Missing Children is a general idea metonym for childhood – it doesn’t suggest childhood but is associated with it Modernism a vague term referring to the art, literature, The Waste Land, a modernist poem, poetry, and philosophy of Europe and America depicts fragmentation in many ways, in the early twentieth-century; marked by the including allusion and narration. desire to break away from established traditions, as well as experiments in form and style, particularly with fragmentation Motif a recurrent el
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