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William Robins

ENG150Y1 – LECTURE NOTES Wednesday, April 3, 2013 Final Lecture – Exam Review  list of terms available next week  includes identifying characters of prominence  plagues, moses, pharaoh – exodus  usury in dante and Shakespeare  theodicy in dante, Voltaire  Francesca in dante  Part 2 deals with overarching themes  Don’t spend too much time on part 2  Job and candide are similar because both show how humans have limited understandings of the divine  For part 3, focus on the plot and structure, where the passages are located in the texts  We are storytelling animals  When we make ethical decisions, we also make stories, about how we got to a certain place, what might happen if we make a certain decisions  The world and our lives could be better  What is versus what ought to be  Principles, values and criteria for the above come through the communication of the collective  The shifting over time of the organizing principles held by civilizations  How is the visible world of the living understood to be related to the invisible realm of the divine? o Immanence = the divine is present within the world; the mundane is permeated with spiritual forces o Transcendence = the divine is ou
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