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ENG213 Midterm Information

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University of Toronto St. George
Uzo Esonwanne

Midterm Examination 1 October 4 20116 15900INSTRUCTION This is a threepart onehundredandsixtyminute examination Parts One and Two are closedbook no notes books of any kind electronic gadgets etc allowed while Part Three is openbook no electronic gadgets allowed Parts One and Two will be administered first and Part Three last Answer booklets will be provided Please write with blue or black pens only NOTE the examination will begin at exactly 615 pm and there will be no accommodation for arriving latePART ONE Short answer questions 5each 20 15 minInstruction You will be give about ten literary terms we have used to discuss short fiction in this course and invited to define only four To get full marks you must avoid guesswork Instead be precise and where possible use examples PART TWO Comprehension 30 30 minutesInstruction The purpose of this section is to test your understandingof the storieswe have studied in classGogol Hsun Achebe and Gilmanso far To prepare you must read each story carefully and perhaps more than once You will be given passages from all of them an
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