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Summary of stories for Final

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University of Toronto St. George
Sarah Caskey

ENG215 Study Notes Stories Eden Robinson Traplines Synopsis: Narrator goes fishing with Dad and catch valuable fish that will earn them their Christmas money. Parents leave and Eric get high and violent and Will escapes to the home of Mr and Mrs Smythe. Becomes apparent that this is a regular thing. Characters: Main narrator (Will) Narrators Dad Abusive father though only towards Eric, drunkard as well. Eric Narrators Brother who is abusiveviolent towards him, heavy drug user. Narrators Mom Spends the majority of her apperance in the novel drunk. Mrs. Smythe Narrator consistently refers to her, his English teacher, wants to adopt Will Mr Smythe - Mrs Smythe husband, a friend he hangs out with. Wants to adopt Will. Themes: Instability of homefamily Social class conflicts, and what happens when trying to move between them. Inabilityunwillingness to change. Being trapped,caught, inability to move Madeleine Thein Simple Recipes Synopsis: Narrator recounts her fascination with her father and his work in the kitchen, she views him as a magician, revealing much of the closeness she felt to him. Intermingled is the common story of the time her father prepared fish and her brother refused to eat it and the fight between her father and brother turned physical, which led to the physical discipline of her brother and her brother not coming out of bed. At the end she circles back to her father making rice and the fish dying in the sink. Characters: Narrator Narrators father Narrators mother Narrators Brother Themes: Role of food Importance of family Fulfilment of roles Prevailing traditionspast David Bezmozgis The Second Strongest Man Synopsis: Son and his family now living in Canada from from the Soviet Union. Father gets invited to be a judge at the International Weightlifting Championships at the Toronto Convention Centre. There for the competition are his former student, and his old friend. Son shows Sergie their Canadian life, Sergie loses the competition coming in 2 place, Sergie and Gregory come over for supper, Sergie gets drunk and truths about Soviet Lifestyle vs true Canadian immigrant life come out. Characters:
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