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Week One Tuesday, September15, 2009 6:40 PM - 2 branches before 1800 Literature written for children School books Corn books (could be religious,alphabet) Primers Literature read by children, but not appropriated for children Fables, Adventures of Robin Hood - Paxtons Printing printed fablesand tales such as these - Puritan Mission: never too young to go to hell - Revivalistgroup, instead of depending on church for relation to god, it should be more direct. Spiritual responsible Short Story - The young ageof the child compared with the maturity with which she acts is an interesting comparison. - Format, with verse numbering similarlikea bible - Full of ohs - She is full of doubt and anxietyin the face of death. - The story is verydemanding of a childs intellect and spiritual understanding. - The titlemeans theres no suspense. Her fate in death issealed, but whether or not shell have an afterlifeis the climax. - Her death has an actual date. - The dates are crafted with meaning, she fallsill on a Friday (good Friday)then Sunday she rises (Easter Sunday) Upon the Bee (Bunyan) - Written metrically,not rhythmically - Cautionary tale - Both intellectuallyand orallydemanding AgainstIdlenessand Mischief (Watts) - Not preachy in telling what not to do, its saying do this instead - More enjoyable to read, more simple - Bunyan is empowering,saying to go out and kill the bee - Simplicityof languageand sentence structure John Locke - Had knowledgeof children - Sound mindin a sound body - Sound mind: understood that curiosity is a natural faculty givento us to learn. Childrenshouldnt be hindered from being children. NurseryRhymes - Cultural Scraps, Pervasive - First collection in print is 1744, by mary cooper, TommyThumbs Pretty Little Song Book Joeseph Ritson - 1784: publishedGammerGurtons Garland JamesCallowell - 1842: nurseryRhymes of England - In 1900s new poetry was written, for examplemother hubbard www.notesolution.com
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