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Final Notes for ENG235

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Andrew Lesk

Loves Savage FuryNancyBazooka Joe meet on subway BJ likes N As time goes by he forgets what she looks like Panel structured as subway cartpoles act as gutter BJs speech bubble looks like bubble gumBJ is trying to familiarizescramble Nancys face until panel becomes black Whole story takes place in imagination of BJRichard Mcguire HereExact same place but different time periods Life of Billy and life of house are constant Space becomes place Cat time moves back and forth sometimes actions are linear and interacts with each other Black cat as instigator of time Author quarantines timeSpace is burned downdislocation Gutter scrambledJosh Cotter Skyscrapers of the MidwestBildungsroman coming of age Innate desire to uncover literal truth of childhood separating perceived facts of our youth from mystic chords of fuzzy memory of people place and events Wonders and horrors of childhood Fictional book Depicts dramatic failure of imagination ex Nova stealth and getting kicked in the groin by Mindy It is a testament to how he survives failures We end up surviving and life goes on The attention to art as an aesthetic representation and a way of selfdiscovery The use of false aesthetic representation reminds us that story isnt 100 real Nova Stealth empowering alter ego lets bad robot beat up nate anderson but later on emasculated pg 210 screenshot to joshs life interpenetration of real life situations and problems he fails to solve but tries in his dream to skip a level Joshs imaginary identity in moments of triumph and humiliation by mindy scott pg 10godlike creates imaginative world Backpack discrepancy between what he really wants but has given into peers 3 backpacks instead of one to triple his guilt The holy trinity Blood of christtransubstantiation He is baptized into new life but hs is baptized in the water which is poisoning the town Critique on religious life now hes grown upBackpack is reflection of josh Josh baptism vs backpack drowned in water Symbolizes childhood put aside forced by peer pressure to let it go Baptism immersed in poisonous indoctrination As an adult in retrospect that controls horros that he has been throughHANDS josh cotters hands nova stealth hands of backpack love thy neighbor hands along with twining arms After josh gets kicked in the groin twining of backpack arms twining of tree roots going into soilwater in soilcancer in water Joshs hand vs NS pg 89 josh controlling environment managing problems Also josh cotter as artist in control Hands get bigger Nova Stealth go Josh and NS as facets of cotter Focus of hands suggest artist in control
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