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University of Toronto St. George
Andrew Lesk

Week 1 Lecture 2SyllabusBasic InformationJanuary1212129 PMTraditional SupermanoDeconstructing superman etc Loves Savage Fury 4 pagesoSubway poles doubling as guttersoBlack spacesEye patchSubway goes into a tunnelPage numbersPolaroid developingoTelling a story and using the comic and the structure of the comic to tell this story Here 6 pagesoFirst panelSame room but no date no view out of the window no furnitureWhere is hereTimeless outside of realityoMain story of BillyPlus fractured glimpses of timeoCatFractional glimpses of linearityBad luckNo background in 1999 empty houseoAllusion to a complete narrative but with interruptionsoTermsHere there it thatIndexical termsContext shifts so definition shifts Look up Here on youtube 6 minute student filmWeek 2 Lecture 3Frank Miller and TDKRJanuary1712311 PM Batman HistoryFirst story in 1939 as The Batman in Detective ComicsoLittle remorse over killingmaiming charactersSolo title as Batman and Robin 1940ishBatmanSuperman together in 1941 in Worlds Best Comics Batman is redone in 1939 at one point Joker Catwoman appearoDoes not use a gun does not killoUpstanding proper citizen 1950 sales fall1960 Aunt Harriet appears1966Batman TV seriesoIncreased comic sales circulation of 900000oReturn of Alfred 1985 Frank Miller comes in oChanges the colouring used from CMYK to gouacheoColour is used to signal different thingsColours for costumes used with CMYK were used because they were chosen or because they were the only ones availableHelmet covers his face just like the mask doesoBruce Wayne is retired but he still is Batman can never get too far away from BatmanTV screens appear throughout the noveloTV serves as a Greek chorusoNewscast is pretty shallowSuperficial and LolaoMedia threads the idea of Batman rather than the personoTV screen last panels of pages 1011TV screen changes shape subjective nature of what is going on I is used a lot Page 17 panel 12 Bruce in bed panel gridsPage 15 panel 12 Harvey Dent panel always cuts his face in halfoBoth have halffacesoGraphic MatchPage 55 panels 678 and101112Page 17return to 4x4 but last panel goes below the otheroFalls through the holeBruce is watching Zorro should not be doing this because it is the movie he went to see with his parents when they got killedPearls with black dots bullet holes eyes shadowoAs the pearls come off Bruce becomes unhinged When they come back together he is coming out of his shockTV is not separate anymore becomes his POV its not a background narrative at this point He leaves Gutters become bars reflective panels etc page 2526oNarrative falls with the status CrossWindowXoMask
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