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Fabienne Michelet

In ðeosse abbudissan mynstre wæs sum broðor syndriglice mid godcundre gife gemæred ond geweorðad, forþon he gewunade gerisenlice leoð wyrcan, þa ðe to æfestnisse ond to arfæstnisse belumpon , swa ðætte swa hwæt swa he of godcundum stafum þurh boceras geleornode, þæt he æfter medmiclum fæce in scopgereorde mid þa mæstan swetnisse ond inbryrdnisse geglængde ond in Engliscgereorde wel geworht forþ brohte. Ond for his leoþsongum monigra mona mod oft to worulde forhogdnisse ond to geþeodnisse þæs heofonlice lifes onbærnde wæron. Ond eac swelce monige oðre æfter him in Ongelþeode ongunnon æfeste leoð wyrcan, ac nænig hwæðre him þæt gelice don ne meahte forþon he nalæs from monnum ne þurh mon gelæred wæs þæt he þone leoðcræft leornade, ac he wæs godcundlice gefultumod ond þurh Godes gife þone songcræft onfeng. Ond he forþon næfre noht leasunge ne idles leoþes wyrcan ne meahte, ac efne þa an þa ðe to æfæstnisse belumpon, ond his þa æfæstan tungan gedeofanade singan. Wæs he se mon in weoruldhade geseted oð þa tide þe he wæs gelyfdre ylde, ond næfre nænig leoð geleornade. Ond he forþon oft in gebeorscipe, þonne þær wæs blisse intinga gedemed, þæt heo ealle sceoldon þurh endebyrdnesse be hearpan singan, þonne he geseah þa hearpan him nealecan þonne aras he for scome from þæm symble ond ham eode to his huse. In this abbess's monastery was a certain brother particularly glorified and honoured with a divine gift, in that he fittingly was accustomed to make songs, which pertained to religion and virtue, so that whatever thus he he learned of divine letters from scholars, those things he after a moderate space of time he brought forth, in poetic language adorned with the greatest sweetness and inspiration and well-made in the English language. And by his poem-songs the spirits of many men were kindled to distain of the world and to service of a heavenly life. And likewise, many others after him among the English people endeavoured to compose pious songs, but none however in like ma
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