Lewis Carol and Plato Review

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Lewis Carroll: JABBERWOCKY Ethical (and Philosophical) Criticism: How do we go from the abstract to the actual meaning of the text? Jabberwocky-a nonsense poem Sound is essential to poetrythis poem has capitalized on this element of poetrypart of the reason that we find this poem beautiful and meaningful It is a quest narrativemay be nonsense but it tells a familiar story. The boy is a hero. The relationship between sounds and meaning is arbitraryin this poem we are struck by the nonsense language, nonetheless they have meaning in a way Why? Because the poem follows the rules of grammar and syntax in the English language. So, although they are nonsense, we recognize them as words. Eg. Beware the frumious Bandersnatchfrumious is not a word in the English language, however it follows the formula for a proper sentence, taking the role of an adjective Value of a poem of this kind? Ethics: a system of moral principles, deals with values and refers to rules of conduct Ethical criticism thinks of literature as a representational structure that negotiates the relation of is and ought Some literatures (fictional literature) purpose is to reproduce reality (realism) The purpose of this type of snapshot literature is the unstatedimplied ought-to-be within the writingstory Platos Dialogues: Pla
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