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Bleak House Character and Relationships Map Final.pdf

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University of Toronto St. George
Kai Hainer

Legend Bleak House Character and Relationships Map Grey/black arrows (different colours for clarity only) with points on October-27-12 each end = reciprocated relationship 1:02 AM Grey/black arrows in one direction = non-reciprocated or Matthew Bagnet Mrs. Bagnet Lord Chancellor dominance/higher rank Musician Mr. Bagnet Contrast - all the Skimpoles Judge for Jarndyce and Jarndyce case Crossed out name = deceased shop relies on her are "children" ; while none Red lines through arrows = relationship negated (with explanation) Mr. Skimpole Mrs. Skimpole Mr. Tulkinghorn Plays bassoon to express of the Smallweeds have (always correspond to black lines that they cross, not greys) Ex-artillery his thoughts had a childhood Friend of John J; invalid Tom Jarndyce Lawyer Blue arrows = same person, discovered at a later point in the text becomes friends w/ Boythorn/ Nickname Uncle of John; Dotted - - - lines = comparisons, not blood-relations/may not have Mrs. Blinder Richard b/c of interest Dedlock property even met "Lignum Lodged Neckett family; committed suicide, Vitae" in case shot himself (Borders) dispute Green arrows = central mysterious relationship of the novel allows children to remain Characterized as a Solves the mystery for free Small Orange Ita= comments "Woolwich," "Quebec," "Malta" 'child' in worldly affairs of Lady Dedlock's J&J is used as an abbreviation for the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case Bagnet children Also lodged Gridley; Miss by himself and others Arethusa past Flite (Ch 47+) "Beauty" Woolwich is George's godson Always in debt and Laura Uncompassionate Captain Howdon having others pay daughter; "Sentiment" Made Jo leave Bleak Deceased? (not at plays/sings daughter House while Esther the time that Mr. "Coavinses"; Mr. Neckett Kitty No idea of Plays/doesn't John Jarndyce had been caring for George believed) Dies ch. 15 "Comedy" time/money Owner of Bleak House sing him and orders Jo to Relationship w/ Disliked for professsion; daughter No idea of Tom J.'s heir keep moving on Lady D. produced but raised good Sings/doesn't time/money (was according to Esther children (Emma, play Esther accepts J.J's George; shown to be Charley, Tom) marriage proposal - Phil Squod Mr. George No idea of Ch 44; false) Works for (Rouncewell) time/money deceased Ch. 48; Grandfather (Joshua) Miss Barbary Carboy She ends up marrying George in Trooper Law partnerWoodcourt; J.J knows shot through heart his gun Carstone Smallweed Grandmother Esther's mean that Woodcourt is her Rick starts blaming Sound mind, 'godmother'; Esther true love John.J for store trains w/ him Smallweed
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