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Exam DefinitionsIdeologyset of norms and beliefsideas and idealsthe theaters were filters through which a culture produces ideologyIdeological State Apparatusthe theater became thisit produces a particular ideologythis was to naturalize the right of the monarch rulepromoted the ideology of the courtthey wanted to naturalize the right of the monarchyEnglish Civil Warthis was from 16421649the puritans ruled from 16421660they close down the theaters in 1642CommonwealthInterregnum 16491660this begins with the death of Charles Ifrom 16491660there was a republic established in 1653Oliver Cromwell was the Lord ProtectorRestoration 16601685this was in 1660it was the restoration of the monarchythe theaters reappeared in England because the puritans had shut them downThe restoration happened with King Charles IIGlorious Revolutionthis happens in 16881714the aristocracy reclaims their titles and landRulers during the above erasBefore the restoration it was Charles I vs ParliamentoParliament was made of puritansthey saw the decadency in the monarchy and were opposed to itCharles I he was beheaded in 1649oBelieved in the divine right of KingsoIt was the Royalists and Cavaliers vs the Parliamentary forces roundheadsKing Charles IIOliver CromwelloHe was eventually overthrownoCalled the Lord ProtectorThe House of Hanover 17141901when Charles II dies his brother James takes overhe is forced to abandon the throne to his Protestant daughter because he is Catholic Maryher husband is William of Orangeand Queen Anne takes overThey come from Germanythese kings theyre all named George They had the licensing act of 1737
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