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John O' Connor

Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town – Stephen Leacock Mr. Smith - Bulky man, wears checkered waistcoats with plaid trousers - Unreadable face = natural king of the hotel business - Awaits a telegram from his legal advisor - Big enough to haul two drunken men out of the bar, drinks cost 5 cents, or 6 for 25 cents, meals and beds were free - Philanthropic soul: subscribed to everything, joined everything, and gave to everything - Illiterate - Hostelry transformed into a caff - Steers the Mariposa Belle back to town Henry Mullins - Expensively dressed bank manager, banker - Knight of Pythias - Tells Mariposa about the Whirlwind Campaign that he’s witnessed o Campaign did not work o Tells the sad news to Dean Drone, who knew nothing about the campaign  Headline: “A Quarter of a Million” – Drone wouldn’t read further as it would’ve spoilt the surprise Duff - Expensively dressed bank manager Diston - High school teacher, never got a raise Gingham - Undertaker - “Get to know people really well while they are alive, be friends with them, close friends, and then when they die you don’t need to worry. You’ll get the order every time.” - Kept telling people on Mariposa Belle that he knew the lake very, very well, having been much all over in his time – but Mr. Smith knows that the only other time he has been on water is when he first came to Mariposa Billy - Desk clerk - Contained the awaited telegram Judge Pepperleigh - Conservative - Mr. Smith won over the Judge through his food = Mr. Smith’s license was renewed for 3 years - Temper is unpredictable - Never spoken crossly to his daughter Zena - Neil Pepperleigh o Finest boy in the whole country o Doesn’t need to study because he is so clever Jefferson Thorpe - Barber - Haircut 15 cents, or two for a quarter - Shaving can last between 25 to 45 minutes (unhurried) - Talks to his customers in a soft confidential monotone - Could suit the conversation to the customer o Favorite topic is that of finance  Sold his wife’s hens and bought shares - Talks about Cuba during shaving o “I tell you, boys” (all important conversations began with this) Myra, Jeff’s daughter - Pretty - Treated lovers like dogs - Resigns from her job (after Jeff makes a fortune) – wishes to become a leading actress - Goes back to working at the Telephone Exchange – hates the stage – doesn’t want to be an actress Johnson - Wishes to be in the Cuban business too, - “Any friends of Jeff’s were friends of Cuba” Morison - Read so much about the accidents on the Mariposa Belle that he’s grown nervous to go - When his wife asks him about whether he would like to go he says: o “Perhaps your mother might like to go.” Dean Drone - Reverend of the Church of England in Mariposa - Loves spending time under the plum trees reading Greek o Pastorals of Theocritus -
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