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Scott Rayter

Flannery O’Connor, “Good Country People” - O’Connor herself lived with disability – writing from her own stance o Didn’t like when people pitied her - Southern writing in general = regionalism o Focused on south and culture of self o Argues a northern reader will always see the south as grotesque - Heavily anthologized - Story unique in terms of what she does with religion, etc. - Title – a phrase used often in text – sarcastic, ironic, supposed to refer to honest, simple, respectable people – but nothing in the story is that o On the surface – really they’re superficial and concerned with appearance - Joy doesn’t believe in good country people at all, but in the end that’s what she reaches for - Mrs. Hopewell keeps them because they’re not trash (being 15 and pregnant isn’t trash?) - Ironic that they would judge others - Telling that her daughter vomits nonstop suggests something else - Joy – pre-feminist political stance o Sees herself as beautiful though o Concern with surfaces and depth - Mrs. Freeman calling Joy “Hulga” o She likes Hulga o
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