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Scott Rayter

William Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily” - First thing he had ever published - The most anthologized of his - Concerned with: o Effects of modernization o Role of women o Collective  less of individual thing - This is a story about loneliness, but the way it’s narrated also focuses on community - Mythical in the sense that he created a fictional town - Opening sentence – looks like it will be about Emily, but then says, “our whole town” o Marriage between form and content rd - “Our town” – no “I” but not purely a 3 person omniscient narrative – the person is part of the community - We don’t start at the beginning, but instead at the end – her funeral causes them to go over everything - What happens at the end is what they see because they don’t have her voice o What they see when they knock down her door is a grotesque image of themselves - The past bleeds into the present - Gothic o Link to romance in the title o A rose = honour of death, courtship, love - By the end of the story, she is the complete opposite of what the town thought of her - All they’re left with at the end is their own memories  nostalgia - On the one hand, they’re trying to uphold her image, but on the other, they’re forgetting all of the bad - Not having to pay taxes is important because he doesn’t think she can provide for herself – the idea of her as a weak woman - Idea that women are interested in the superficial - Narrator seems to have a male voice - Nostalgia has a certain gender - Old man servant – open door and leaves out the back – the town thinks it’s od
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