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Raymond Carver, “Cathedral” - Seen to have rescued the short story o One of the most successful since Hemingway and Fitzgerald - Takes us back in some ways to traditional form - Lived a pretty hard life – marriage and kids at young age - Heavy drinker and smoker - Really came into his own in the 80’s - If communication is an issue, how do you write that? - Tone o Who is speaking and what are we learning? o Matter-of-fact  recounting/plot summary – a way of giving background & makes present tense o Why is background so significant?  Demonstrates frame of mind  Gives important ways of thinking about where he’s coming from  His feeling toward blind man  they’ve shared a level of intimacy that he hasn’t shared with his wife  Doesn’t mention name – withholds name as way of withholding identity – we never get his identity either – the only person named is Robert - Verb usage – “arrangements were made” - Why does his wife write poetry? o Significance o Expression o Need to turn to aesthetic expression – idea of wanting to hold on to / record experiences o Another form of communicat
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