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University of Toronto St. George
Michael Boughn

ENG365 Study Guide Test = 25% 1 hour  1.5 hours 1 long essay. Choose one question to answer, & ONE book to talk about. Red = I’m not too interested in writing about this. Remember:  How an author deforms/challenges conventions in response to their “historical conditions”  How authors explore & articulate the manifold meaning of sensuous facts  “Form is never more than an extension of content” – Creeley o Form~content ) meaning (arises from an emergent order tween the 2) o AUTHORS search for fresh forms, acknowledge emptiness of certain forms  Know that REALISM is impossible, in the sense that our world is constructed from our experience, everything we know and see is colored by our context, our mood, etc… there is no one way to accurately represent our world. Our impression of the world is one great blooming, buzzing confusion – William James  Close reading ☆ check past tests, etc… Themes:  FORM – conventional vs not. o The relationship of form to content   AVA!!! Can form be shorn of content?  Are they inextricable?  Seems like she is obsessed with form, regardless of meaning, but also she finds meaning IN form which may be different from the meaning of the content, and perhaps even if these two meanings contrast or contradict, to acknowledge them both and to bring them together, introduce them to each other, can be beautiful.  Beauty?  The problems of writing & narratives o Breaching conventions – why and how authors do it.  Identity, self, individuality  Representing Reality  Feminism  The body o The relationship of body to identity o Relationship between body and form o Relationship between body & gender o Body & Reality ☆ Write some general notes about these themes, using your notes – why is BOUGHN interested in them? Spend no more than 20 min on this. ☆ Generate possible essay questions: They will be broad, such that a question might be applicable to a few works. They will probably have to do with some of the above themes. ☆ Look over your notes for:  La Brava  Ava  In Watermelon Sugar ☆ Make a sheet for each book - a few tentative theses - find quotes for each, & write their page numbers - Tab interesting & relevant quotes in the book. ☆ Note which books & themes you’re most interested in ☆ Write your theses in the books, on the page of the most important quote. ☆ maybe ask on the discussion board what you think some questions might be, and suggest a few of your own? IN WATERMELON SUGAR Richard Brautigan: Fled from San Fran after “Summer of Love” turned into a summer of methamphetamines.  Balinas  supposedly a utopia. COMMITTED SUICIDE there – is he inBOIL? ☆ Is an Eden / Utopia possible? iDEATH vs inBOIL iDEATH: figurative death of sel
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