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University of Toronto St. George
Engineering Science
Robert Irish

Part A At the University of Toronto, the safety and wellbeing of the university’s students is of the utmost importance to the university’s administration council. Thus, upon learning about a potential safety issue regarding vehicle-pedestrian collisions at the crossing between the Galbraith Building (GB) and the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA), the university council has chosen to pursue the construction of a pedestrian link between these two buildings that will allow safe passage for all pedestrians (including university students) from one side of the crossing to the other. Upon confirming their interest in following through with this project, the UT council requested the production of a design that achieves the objective of facilitating pedestrian passage from GB to BA (and vise versa) through a means of access that is considered to be “all-weather”. This report will discuss these explicit objectives stated by the university, while also elaborating on any implied council objectives. This report will then frame any relevant criteria and constraints in the context of this project’s problem, employing the use of important design attributes during the creation of these criteria and constraints. In addition, this report will analyze the concerns and impact of any stakeholders involved in the development of this pedestrian link, factoring the views of these stakeholders into the list of criteria and constraints. Lastly, this report will develop three conceptual designs catered towards fulfilling the lists of objectives and constraints framed for this project, and from these designs, the best design solution will be chosen based on how well each design satisfies the proposed criteria and design factors. The university administration has chosen to keep the current traffic light pedestrian crossing intact. However, they require a method of incentivising students to not feel the need to jwalk in order to get to class on time. This will be accomplished through the construction of some sort of link. Objectives of the Pedestrian Link - [A link is defined as a passageway from one location to another (similar to a hallway)] - Allow pedestrians to cross from one side of the GB – BA crossing to the other - Reduce the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions in the GB-BA crossing Constraints - Must work in all-weather conditions. All weather is defined in terms of Torontonian weather, which involves rain, snow, wind, hail, and cold/hot temperatures (should not break due to these weather conditions) - Link should cover the span of the crossing between GB and BA - Must not impede the passing or operation of any vehicles - Must not expose pedestrian bodies to the path of the vehicles - Time spent by pedestrians ge
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