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FAH207H1 Study Guide - Greece (Town), New York, John Boardman (Art Historian), Thames & Hudson

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Dr.Christina Katsougiannopoulou

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Electronic resources
The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Greece and Rome edited by Michael Gagarin.
[New York] : Oxford University Press, 2010-
Licensed for access by U of T users.
The Grove Dictionary of Art
Licensed for access by U. of T. users.
The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History at the metropolitan Museum of Art website
Monographs (print)
General overviews
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New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008
Morris, S., Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art, Princeton, 1992
Neer, R., Greek Art and Archaeology: A New History, c. 2,500 150 BCE. London: Thames & Hudson 2011
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