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FAH246H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Complete Control, Ai Weiwei, Denim

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Mark Cheetham
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FAH246 - November 28
Krzysztof Wodiczko - projection on the victory column, 1983
- projected images onto surfaces
- transform public monuments, changing the whole meaning and also the space around it
South Africa house, 1985
Homeless projection, 1986
- even looks at local politics
- went from projections to actually working with homeless people
Homeless Vehicle
- seen as a perennial problem which he had an idea to design moving homeless vehicles
- trying to change the idea of a work of art as a monument to a social action
- when does art become political? Is it still art if it is political? Where does one draw the line?
Become more challenging to decipher as course has moved forward
G.I. (General Idea)- Snowbird, 1985
- making fun of flight stop in eatons centre
- made out of javex bottle
- g.i. Is a three person collaborative
- talking away a national icon and an artists work
Miss GI pageant pavilion show cards, 1977
- pavilion never existed but some pageants did take place
- create an art scene in a city that didn't have one, it had one but not one that included them
P is for poodle, 1983
- refered to themselves as many different things
- chose the poodle because they always wanted attention
- they thought artists were like that too
- adopted idea completely
- became other animal in career.. Really pathetic baby seals out on styrofoam ice floats
Leather and denim copyright #3, 1987
- someone forgot to copyright the copyright symbol so the spun out many variations of it
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Never knew when GI was being serious or when they were not and began to aggregate people
- started a magazine called “File” using the life character and font, got sued
- went on into the 1980s
- started in 1972 and went on til 1989
GI - MasterCard, 1987
GI - liquid assets
Imagevirus, 1991
Aids, 1987
- two members died from aids
- powerful aymbol
- becomes really powerful when u know where it comes from: Robert Indiana- love 1966
- aids hit the art community hard
- finds its way all over the place as an image virus, sides of street cars, bus shelters, etc
- GI - infected pharmacy, 1994
- altered duchamps already altered piece by adding in pills referring to aids
- go from being smart asses to some of the prime commentators world wide on the aids crisis
Wall - mimic, 1982
- famous photographer
- with about 1$mill a shot now
- he takes our usual understand of photography apart and puts it back together where painting
and photography are seen as equal
- this is a staged picture
- goes against our idea of photography, of catching something real
- wall asked why photography has to do that when painting and sculpture doesn't do it
- recreates a moment he has seen but has complete control over it
- so much detail and clarity because everything in his shot is perfect
- makes four or five pieces a year because of the time he spends on them
Wall - picture for women, 1979
- totally staged image about gender
- apparatus of camera and his gaze at her
- up close and direct homage to Manets a bar at the follies Bergere, 1882 mirror reflecting show
in the background, only see reflection of male she is serving
- woman almost mimics Manets woman
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