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FAH246H1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Wassily Kandinsky, Pop Art, Wild Beasts

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Mark Cheetham
Study Guide

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Sept 12, 2012
- Primitivism: Picasso works with different faces that were considered primitive
- Shows what artists were doing with other cultures
- First “conceptual” work of art
- The focus is on the “idea” of a work of art rather than craftsmanship etc.
* Pure Red, Yellow, Blue
- 20th century art; abstract art is one of the truly new thing in Western art
- Any one can do, but not every work is a great piece of art
* Detroit Industry Mural
- Graphic realism. Labour, collectivity
* Broadway Boogie-Woogie
- Translation of European art into America
- All different things together
* Newman
- Sculpture or painting?
- Pop art and beyond
* Medieta
- Cuban/American
-Performance work
* Cindy Sherman
- The Pictures Generation
- Imaginative space, projection of someone else on to you
* Shonibare
- Flamboyant fabric. Statement of independence
- Britishness, propriety, land ownership, gender
* View from an Apartment
- Vancouver photo conceptualism
- Opposite of snapshot

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- Everything is planned
* Ai Weiwei
- Hand painted sun flower seeds
Contemporary art starts in 1985 because that’s how museums are arranged. Very
*Agnes Denes
- Commenting the land sitting unused
- Political art
* Schiele
- Paradigm
Matisse is recessive at the beginning
Art reflects the bloody century
Schiles’ portrait created shock
People were used to a kind of formality and decorum, Schiles’ portrait was
revolutionary because they broke conventions
- Vienna secession: moving away from tradition
- Shock of the new
- He went through a radical phase and came out with this decorative style
- He shows that Vienna secession is not all gore and guts
- Decoration: like primitivism, abstraction… constantly controversial
- Some artists embrace deco. Others think ornament is crime
* General Ideas
- Might connect with Schiles but we have to have good arguments
* Jurisprudence
- Too shocking, too much nudity…
- Opposition to contemporary societal values
* Matisse
- Matisse’s sculpture and its relationship with Rodin
- The struggle between individual artists get over dramatized
- Matisse said he’s only a painter and not sculptor
- Many of his sculptures painted into his paintings
- The back: primitive evolving. Melting the background
* The Dinner table

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

- radical in its time, complex design
* Luxe; caime et volupte
- technique is moving away from impressionism
- Moving towards liberal use of colours.
* Derain
- Fauvism: the wild beasts
- Bolder colour
- Colours becomes not descriptive
- To call him wild beast (Matisse) very controversial
- Cognisant of and struggle with recent artists
- Expressionism & Primitivism: crucial to understand and frame early 20th cent. art.
- Expressionism: early 20th cent. trend and tendency
- Ensor, Van Gough, Much… are low case expressionists. Symbolists
- Gauguin was not a humble man, famous for his behaviour
- Looking for the exotic as the primitive early part of France
- Primitive part of society had more direct access.
September 19th 2012
Gauguin’s primitivism was a major theme in early 20th cent.
- He was looking for thing untainted by Modernity
- Remembered more for his work in the South Sea. Tahiti…
- Looking for an other culture. The colonial mentality
- Getting away from repression and suppression.
* Spirit of the Dead Watching
- 14 year old mistress
- We become voyeurer of her nakedness, superstition
- Echoes Manet’s Olympia
- The voyeuristic aspect is more evident
- Primitism is Modernism’s troubled rejection of Modernity
- Colonialism’s traces seen in primitivism
* Blue Nude, Matisse
- The “exotic” and “exoticism”
- Distinction with primitive & exotic
- Not so much looking for the primitive but the unknown
- Brutality, nudity
- Amping up competition with Picasso
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