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30 Nov 2017

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For200 lecture 1 - conservation of canada"s forests. Canada is one of the top 50 most urbanized countries. More than half of our gdp was generated from the economic productivity of 5 cities. Toronto is the 4th most populous city in north america. It"s the most forested city in canada (29% tree cover). Governments respond to infrastructure deficits during times of crisis. The distribution of urban forest canopy is not equitable in the city. Biodiversity - ecosystem services of urban green space: Green roofs reduce the demand for heating and cooling, allow for stormwater collection, and provide habitat for biodiversity. 2. 6 billion/ year is the total value of benefits from natural capital in the greater toronto. Urban forests and wetlands help us fight climate change by sequestering and storing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. They also offset emissions by creating oxygen. Wetlands filter drinking water and protect communities from flooding. Toronto"s forest are storing 1. 1 million metric tonnes of carbon.

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