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Study Guides for Forestry at University of Toronto St. George (UTSG)

UTSGFOR400Y1Ning YanFall

FOR400Y1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 45 pages long!)

OC30723945 Page
All management activities have to be in context of sustainability. Importance of adaptive forest management and certification systems. Metrics/drivers
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UTSGFOR200H1Faisal MoolaFall

FOR200H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 27 pages long!)

OC110022027 Page
For200 lecture 1 - conservation of canada"s forests. Canada is one of the top 50 most urbanized countries. More than half of our gdp was generated from
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UTSGFOR201H1Sean ThomasWinter

FOR201H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 148 pages long!)

OC1100220148 Page
Chapter 1 - tropical rainforests, myths and inspirations: Many myths still color the feelings and judgements of objectively minded scientists. A rainfo
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UTSGFOR201H1Sean ThomasWinter

[FOR201H1] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 66 pages long Study Guide!

OC30723966 Page
Lecture 1: course overview: forests, conservation, science, people and values. Loss of tropical forests was big issue in 90s. But the case that this is
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[FOR200H1] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 34 pages long Study Guide!

OC69389234 Page
Northern gateway pipeline 525000 barrels of oil per day. Area > 0. 5 ha (hectare = 100 ares (10,000 m2); 1 ha = 2. 47 acres/ 1 acre = 0. 40 ha) Land w/
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UTSGFOR416H1Martin Lukas SeehausenFall

[FOR416H1] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (42 pages long)

OC30723942 Page
Urban: relating to a city or town, opposite of rural, population center, in canada, 60% of people live in urban areas. Green urban infrastructure: hybr
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UTSGFOR300H1N YanWinter

FOR300H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sheet Moulding Compound, Headbox, Compression Molding

OC16579195 Page
Paper coating is a cheap paint that covers up defects in the paper surface structure. 80% of the coated paper properties depend on the properties of th
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UTSGFOR201H1sean ThomasWinter

FOR201H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Flagship Species, Keystone Species, Umbrella Species

OC7762375 Page
Umbrella species , and what roles can each of these play in forest conservation programs: umbrella species. Species is wide ranging and dependent on la
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UTSGFOR200H1Dr.Faisal MoolaFall

FOR200H1 Final: FOR200 Exam Review

OC56523722 Page
17000 species are at risk of extinction on earth. Birds, mammals, conifers and amphibians are all particularly at risk (in ascending order) Climate cha
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UTSGFOR201H1Sean ThomasWinter

FOR201H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Anthropocentrism, Soybean, Federal Land Development Authority

OC5652378 Page
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UTSGFOR201H1Paul CohenSummer

FOR201H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Environmental History, Usufruct, Hedge

OC3038429 Page
Lecture 5: conservation and development alliances with the kayapo. Around 80% of tropical forests in the amazon basin are in brazil, and 100-million ha
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UTSGFOR300H1N YanWinter

FOR300H1- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 14 pages long!)

OC165791914 Page
Gas. using gas. very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. In the summer, air condition it all related with energy consumption. Utilize woo ma
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