FCS195H1 : Derails on Illustrations

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26 Apr 2011

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Illustration explanations: fran ois g rard , napol on in coronation robes (1804) (lecture ii) (neo-classical) Showing his power: antoine-jean gros, napol on visiting the plague victims in jaffa (1804) (neo-classical) Napoleon touching them the way christ touched the leapers and the sick to heal them, which was only done by the pope and pious people. Shows what napoleon was doing there, helping plague victims. He is showing himself as being divine: jacques-louis david, le sacre de. He was a master of propaganda and marketed his image two officials and two architects planned the decorations, the place had eagles- symbol of military victory. Costumes were used to promote his image, made of silk and fur. The coronation did not take place where it usually did but in the notre dame cathedral, where monarchs were crowned. Josephine de beauharnais was crowned by napoleon not the pope, her robe cost. 27000 francs, and peasants would only earn 1 franc per day,

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