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Geography and Planning
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Sample essay question - a) definition and general patterns of labour market segmentation - relationship between the employee and the employer - trend in labour market, one racial group may dominate an occupation o the labour trends also varies between regional areas o ex: south asians is predominately in construction work in BC but in Toronto it`s a different racial group - unequal social division of labour , gender & class o ex: women is predominantly working in precarious jobs such as live in care givers - b) four different approaches that explain the existence of labour market segmentation - 1- human capitalist view - neoclassical economic view - employer is rational , non-bias , non-discriminatory (race, gender & class) - determine base on their worth, such as age , education, experience, performance - 2- revisionist / “radical” school of segmented labour market - Employer is the participant of wide discriminatory , very hard to verify empiri
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