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Geography and Planning

JGI216 MIDTERM Defining Urban/ Level of Urbanization/ Rate of Urbanization/ Primate City/ The Rank-Size Rule/ Mega City/ Defining Global & World Cities/ Defining Globalization/ New international division of labour -Result of globalization. Spatial division of labour that means a shift to international pro- duction. Production is relocated from developed countries to developing countries due to cheaper costs. The growing integration of economies and societies around the world Old & New Globalization/ Multi-dimension of Globalization/ McDonaldization/ Hybridization & Creolization/ Localization of Global Culture/ Myths of Globalization & Global Cities/ Classical Liberalism / John Locke Utilitarianism U.S =19th-20th century, Great Depression of 1930’s Jeremy Bentham the right act is the one that causes the greatest happiness for the greatest number of ppl Laissez- Faire markets are free from government control (free market), inaction of state means that the net benefit to individuals is higher Keynesian Model strong government intervention, full employment, welfare state -influenced Roosevelt’s New Deal Policy New Deal Policy 1933-1946 Roosevelt adopted new ideas for U.S: alleviate economic turmoil and joblessness, provide greater opportunities, and restore prosperity -massive increase of infrastructure to create jobs -encouraged mass production=mass consumption -Spend money in market and economy improves Types of Neoliberalism Early= Classical= classical liberalism in the U.S: free market is the most productive, lais- sez faire, individualism, Modern= Milton Friedman’s NL Characteristics of NL Individual Self interest and as a rational decision maker in the market Free Market= Free Trade= ideal international economic relations: free of quotas, taxes, tariffs Laissez Faire= no government intervention MORE MARKET, LESS STATE MODEL! Impacts of NL Cutting public expenditure for social services and welfare Deregula
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