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Urbanization, Contemporary Cities, and Urban Life – Last Class! 1. Exam Review 2. In/Secure cities cont’d 3. Urban Nature Exam Section A: Definitions (50%) Define the word, why its important to the study of urban geography. Provide examples from the course readings, films, and lectures wherever possible. i.e. De-industrializations: you can draw from your assignments – distillery district Section B: Essays (50%) (2 of 4 provided) 1. In what ways have economic changes of the past 3-4 decades transformed North Amercan cities and urban life? 2. Discuss the role of migration in shaping the North American city’s social georgrpahy. How an why have these patterns changed over the past few decades? What kinds of conflicts and challenges have these changes proboked? What to study?  All lecture notes  Review all of your assignments  All course readings  Focus on the following: o Week 2 o Massey o Hulchanski o Badcock o Fong o Lehrer o Nelson o Walks o Boudreau, Young & Keil o Connelly & Roseland 1. Anti Globalization protests  The response from global trde organizations, national governments and ocal police forces have dramatically reshaped police practive  Suspension of national rights and laws ( 3.  Creation of new ‘secure areas’ around critical infrastructure, border, and transport spaces  Exceptional spaces when normal law and rights re suspended  Rise of racial profiling and targeted surveillance o LAPD – target surveillance of the Muslim community in Los Angeles, using the excuse of ‘anti-terrorism’ strategies Bio-security  Ways in which we are having to take very seriously things like communical disease that travels very rapidly, i.e. SARS or Avian Flu  They call for a very different kind of actions  Ways in which medical facilities and workers were prepared and protected to deal with large-scale pandemics, research Environmental Security  In response to processes like global warming or disasters like hurricane Katrina  One of the changes urban areas are severely facing Human Security  The ways in which questions of poverty and hunger question bodily security of human life Systems security  Networks, infrast
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