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Total population: 186 million: percent urban population: 69, annual urban growth: 1. 7, most urbanized: guadeloupe (99. 8%), martinique (97. 9%), puerto rico (97. 6%) Least urbanized: trinidad and tobago (12. 2%), monteserrat (13. 5%), st. lucia (27. 6%: megacities (1); number of cities of more than 1 million (17) Cities of the caribbean: relatively small cities oriented towards the port (seaward economies) Low rates of industrialization with high concentrations of rural populations: palpable legacies of european imperialism, current emphasis on tourism, off-shore banking and services, high rates of informal economic activities. Internally varied urban structure: large internal highland cities (mexico city, guatemala city, san salvador, tourist cities along the coast (mexico, costa rica, panama, industrial towns in northern mexico. Less port emphasis than the caribbean: spanish influence seen in urban form (grid pattern with formalized central square) www. notesolution. com, great deal of change in the last 50 years (industry, tourism, natural resources)

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