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Notes for first midterm

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Joseph Leydon

GGR 216 - Global Cities January 19th 2011 Cities of Middle American and the Caribbean - Relatively small cities - Port orientation - Low rates of industrialization - High concentrations of rural populations - Palpable legacies of imperialism - Current emphases on tourism, services and offshore banking - High rates of informal economic activity Internally varied Urban Structure - large, old, internal highland cities (Mexico city, Guatemala City, San Salvador) - Tourist areas along the coast of Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama - Industrial towns in Northern Mexico - These all highlight the variety of urban areas that cater to much more diverse but specific industries than a North American city Middle America - Less of a port emphasis than in the Caribbean - Spanish influence of grid surrounding square is more pronounced (more later) - A great deal of change in the past 50 years - tourism, resources (oil), industry Measuring Urbanization - Cities can be based on population density and non agricultural employment, but it varies per country, this exemplifies different ideologies of cities in this area - Consider differences in density between Barbados and Canada - Consider the difference of activities on the fringe of cities (Caribbean vs N. America) the GTA and just outside of it for example is still under the sphere of influence of Toronto and also contributes to the work force and economic activity of the city. Commuters come from all over to the central core for work and play alike. - Rural to urban migration in Middle America more typical of developing regions elsewhere in the world Primate and Megacities - primate cites: at least 2 time as large as next largest - Megacities: generally over 10 million in pop - Mexico City is only megacity in a region - Primacy it pronounced in certain countries but not usual for size of islands and stage of development
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