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Joseph Leydon

GGR 216H1S Final Examination Notes: Midterm Exam Questions and Answers: 1) This Treaty initially drawnup in 1493, then revised in 1494, decreed that most of South America would be under the colonial sphere of the Spanish, and a small portion of the eastern part of the continent (now in Brazil) would be under the control of the Portuguese. a) Treaty of Tordesillas 2) What was the Sovietera name for St. Petersburg, Russia? a) Leningrad 3) This city in Columbia, long known for being home to a powerful drug cartel, is now in the midst of a transformation that includes the construction of libraries in poor informal neighbourhoods, the development of grand public spaces, and innovative transportation concepts like transit gondolas. a) Medellin 4) What is the word that urban geographers use to refer to cities or urban agglomerations of over 10 million inhabitants? a) Megacities 5) What is the word that urban geographers use to refer to cities or urban agglomerations that are over 2 times the size of the next largest city in that country? a) Primate Cities 6) What is the name of the factories in Northern Mexico that were created to allow American manufactures to import components to Mexico, have them assembled under cheap labour conditions, and then re-import them to the US with fewer import taxes than would otherwise be the case? a) Maquiladora 7) At the time of Spanish conquest in the 16th century the Valley of Mexico (the current location of Mexico City) was home to about 300,000 people from what indigenous group? a) Aztec 8) What is the name of the main square in Mexico City? a) Plaza de la Constitucion. Zocalo (main square) 9) What is the political and economic capital of Costa Rica? a) San Jose 10) Name the culturalecological region of South America that includes Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. (hint: it is one of three regions that we talked about in class) a) Andean America 11) What is the largest city in South America? a) Sao Paulo 12) What city emerged as the center of wealth and power for the Viceroyalty of Peru in the 16th century? a) Lima 13) What is the most urbanized country in Europe (excluding microstates like Monaco, Vatican City, etc)? a) Belgium 14) With roots dating back to the 12 century this League was an association of cities in and around the North and Baltic Seas that entered into agreements for mutual protection and to promote trade. a) Hanseatic League 15) What is the name of the conurbation in western Germany that includes cities such as Dortmund, Essen and Dusseldorf? (hint: it is named after two rivers) a) Rhine-Ruhr conurbation 16) What is the name of the Dutch conurbation that includes Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague, and Utrecht? a) Randstad 17) What is the name of the small mixed use urban developments built by the Soviets near industries and other places of work to minimize journeys to work? a) 18) What was the only city in the Middle East that had more than one million inhabitants in 1950? (hint: it has been in the news a lot lately) a) 19) Muslims consider what city to be the third most important behind Mecca and Medina. This city is also of major importance to Christians and Jews.
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