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Joseph Leydon

GGR216 STUDY TERMS Laura Kisses ([email protected]) Orientalism • Orientalism: false assumptions and Western attitudes towards the Middle East and Asia • Edward Said challenged the concept of orientalism [difference between east and west] • Very Eurocentric view; Europeans tended to divide the world into two; orient and occident and saw themselves are more dominant than the orients • The Europeans generalized the characteristics of the orients and used this view as a justification of their colonization Informal Sector (Jobs) • Includes odd jobs such as watching parked cars or cleaning houses • Usually low paid, long hours, minimum to no benefits and unskilled work; jobs in the informal sector usually involve monetary exchanges and are therefore not always accounted for by the government • The informal sector helps to alleviate poverty by supplying other jobs to those in need but often it doesn’t pay them enough • More prominent in low-income countries Ancient Cities of East Asia • Xi’An is a classic and traditional Chinese city in which has influenced other countries such as Japan to model their cities after Xi’An. Traditional Chinese cities reflected the Chinese view of the universe • Beijing: rebuilt in 1260 and was destroyed afterwards with the fall of the Mongols. It was composed of the forbidden city, imperial city, inner and the outer city Less Instructive role of colonialism in Cities
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