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Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 1 • The act of putting food into your mouth is to engage in a system of global politics • Food impacts health and health related diseases • Caroline Steele Ted talk: about how food shapes cities • Expansion of farmer’s markets • Engaging us on the impacts on our decisions • Why Food • Food us the central human experience • Not JUST food deals with social geography and life • Food is an organizing concept • Consider different concepts about eating food • History of food production • After WWII there was an increased demand for f ood production • Large quantities of food for cheap prices • There are negative impacts • Tanks were turned into trackers • Bomb chemicals turned into pesticides • Impacts of modern food system (Course Themes) • Social justice: social and material inequity o Hunger is at a historic high o 1/6 are hungry o There are more than enough food per person • Environment: human and ecological systems and biodiversity o Environmental concerns: grain are turned into monoculture s o Farming uses fossil fuels creating greenhouse emissions • Community heal
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