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University of Toronto St. George
Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 5 • Guess speaker o Lives in the middle of BC , place called Bella Coola o Land occupied by the government o Looking at traditional food practices o Uses food practices impact the environment o Ex. Fishing salmon o Embridge pipeline: causes pollution o Issues with affecting the tar sands o Subsidizing fruits and vegetables o Problems with employment: people end up leaving and moving to the city o 1. Issues with development: government wanting oil and tar san ds o 2. Policy and government: food safety and trust in the government o 3. Land rights: governmental control o 4. Subsidizing certain foods makes it more difficult o 5. Geography and excess to food o 6. Soil, water and temperature o 7. Human and environmental element s o 8. Issues with labour and food security • Part 1: Agricultural systems • Magnitude of agriculture o Different numbers for agricultural land because they refer to different things o Possible criteria for identifying agricultural systems o Crop and livestock associ ated o Intensity of land use o Processing and disposal of farm products o Methods and degree of farm mechanisms o Types of on-farm buildings o Scale of operation o Land tenure • Human-Environment Relations o Hunter-gathering o “wild” collection of food and fibre o Nomadic o T
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