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University of Toronto St. George
Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 7 Lecture 7 ! The Global Industrial Food System ! Part 1: Food and (Unequal/uneven) Development • Concept of development • Thinking about ideas that are created development and undeveloped • Development • Improving and changing to modern • Uneven development in terms of... distribution of resources ! Graph shows uneven distribution in income • North America and Europe has three times the average income • Uneven development • Wages and labour conditions • Production capacity (e.g. raw material extraction versus manufacturing) • Environmental regulation • Access to economic/ political remedy ! Ways of Understanding Development and Dependency • Modernization Theory: (Rostow 1959) o Looks at the internal factors of countries o Divides countries into developed and undeveloped o Identify all countries have similar stages of developm ent • Dependency Theory (Gunder Frank 1966) o Exploitation of resources o Identify satellite countries develop from core countries • Postcolonial Theory (Said 1993) o The introduction of combining theories ! Uneven development: Why? 1. Legacy of colonialism 2. Continuing disparities in trade, power 3. Fundamental to capitalism ! Colonialism • A form of territorial expansion (extensive) • Has had an enormous impact on recent history (15th century+) • Processes of Colonialism • 1940s in USA and Japan • Economic: unequal exchange (exploitation and dependence) • Political: administration and subordination of indigenous peoples • Cultural: impose Angio -European superiority ! Example North America • Pre-colonial North america • Mexico- Aztec empire • Southern Ontario: m any tribes with distinct cultures and languages • Colonial North America • Northern first nations had varying first experiences with settlers • Land expropriated in variet
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